About Termel

Termel Ltd. Co. has been established in 1993. The production started at the beginning of 1994.

Termel is the first producer of Thermocouples and Pilot Systems in Turkey. After getting experience in this area, Termel continued extending variety of products with adding new products in their product range. As manufacturer of components for cooking and heating technology, we develop, manufacture and supply for heating, cooking and hot water systems with mechanical, electrical and electronical ignition and regulating devices for gas, oil and solid fuel burners of all kinds. This ranges from standard products to individual customized solutions.

Termel includes among its clients the firms Arçelik, Demirdöküm, Teba; also Electrolux and Bosch Thermotechnic Groups. Our production department is based on the technocology of the German company Mayer & Wonisch GmbH & Co. KG. We are still together with their experienced personel and their know-how.

With the following product range, Termel presents itself as a young and independent company:

• Electronic ignition equipment,
• Piezo ignitors,
• Battery ignitors ignition and monitoring electrodes,
• Thermoelements (Thermocouples),
• LPG and Natural Gas pilot systems and injectors.

All kinds of fittings for LPG and natural gas heaters accessories such as; switches, switch bands, mains and high voltage flex/wire.

The customer is central of all activities, so that the employment of qualified personal is essential for the fulfilment of current and long term international requirements of local markets.